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Lyngenfjord Bungee

Bungee Jump from Gorsabrua (the Gorsa Bridge).

A spectacular truss bridge spans across what used to be the best-kept secret in Tourist-Norway; the Gorsa Gorge!

With the Bungee-cord attached to your harness you enter the Exit Ramp positioned no less than 153 meters above the canyon floor. Once you hurl yourself off your breath halts, and while the rock walls of the narrow gorge race against you the thundering roar from the waterfall grows even louder. The Gorsa Experience can not be fully described, but we promise: No other Bungee Jump can compare to this one!

NB! Booking required: booking Lyngenfjord Bungee

- Also available for groups from 23. June - 29. September (weather dependent).
- Get there by car from Tromsø: Google Maps
Address: Gorsabrua, 9147 Birtavarre
Phone: +47908 70 977