Crampons for hiking

Adresse: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø Dato: Onsdag 11 jul 2018 - fredag 31 aug 2018

Adresse: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø

Model G10 from Grivel, classic for hiking
A light-weight, universal crampon, designed to meet the demands of general mountaineering.

One day of rental = any time up to 24 hours, choose amount of days based on the time you plan to use the equipment.

It is perfect for ski touring, trekking, or for women and children (whose small boots don't require many points underneath them). The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools and one size fits all. G10 folds easily for transportation.
The G10 crampon is delivered with the Antibott included.
Boot size 35 – 46.

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Classic Crampons


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