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Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum makes space for ideas.
Through art, we give a multitude of perspectives on North, life and the people inhabiting this landscape. In our galleries, you can see art from the Norwegian masters like Munch and Tidemand, contemporary masters like Hockney and OC Jenssen, and everything in between. We present art from the last two centuries, in all shapes and formats, from 19th-century romantic landscape paintings to contemporary art made of reindeer antlers and old jackets. We present new, temporary exhibitions of both Norwegian foreign art on a regular basis, in addition to our exhibition from the museum collection. The collection is thematically organized, and we also dedicate a room to an artist we want to give extra exposure.
We want our visitors to be co-creators of our exhibitions. We do not want to present turnkey understandings but inspire to wonder, new interpretations and participation. We strive to always have “make stations” for visitor participation.
We do not have a café but serve free coffee, tea and biscuits. We also have a shop with gifts, books, jewellery and other unique design items.
The entire museum is accessible for the disabled. Children are very welcome and can freely use our workshop or our drawing station.
Please read more about us at nnkm.no/en.
Telefonnummer: +47 77 64 70 20
E-postadresse: [email protected]
Address: Sjøgata 1, 9260 Tromsø