People around bonfire watching the Northern Lights
©Northern Horizon

Northern Horizon

There is no better place to enjoy the outdoors than Northern Norway. Join us on a voyage into the untamed beauty of the Tromsø region! A well-designed and authentic travel experience awaits!

Northern Horizon is a company born out of a passion for nature and wilderness. As the years have passed, we still have no doubt that there is something mysterious and magical about the
lights that colour the Arctic landscape. They are ever-changing, making us smile, gasp, even cry at times. We like to marvel at the billowing shades of the Aurora Borealis; admire the blue hues
of the mountains during the polar night; watch the ominous approach of snow clouds on the horizon; pay our respects to the sun as it sinks beneath the skyline. And the best part is... we
like to take you with us, so you can see it too!

  • Don’t worry about being cold – we have extra warm thermal suits and boots ready for you!
  • Don’t worry about taking pictures – our skilled guides will make sure to capture all the great moments. Meanwhile, you can just enjoy the view!
  • Don’t worry about being hungry – we have prepared some great local food and hot drinks for you!
  • Don’t worry about being lost in the crowd – our guide will take great care of you in our special small groups!
  • Don’t worry about finding the meeting point – we'll pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation on Tromsø Island or from the city centre!