Ovenbaked pizza at Casa Inferno
©Casa Inferno

Open restaurants, cafés and take-away in Tromsø

In Tromsø you will find a number of amazing restaurants, cozy cafés and vibrant bars, that we are lucky to enjoy year-round. The situation has now changed drastically in Tromsø and it is even more important to support our local eateries. 

Many of our restaurants and cafés are still open for those of you who have the opportunity to grab lunch or dinner outside of the house. They are all taking their precautions and have extra focus on hygiene, as well as fewer spots for seating etc.  

Another way to support the eateries is to order take-away. Here is a list of all the open restaurants and cafés, as well as a list of those delivering take-away. 

*Please note that the situation for eateries can change quickly.

Open restaurants and cafés:
Order take-away here:

Other options for food and drink deliveries

Locally in Tromsø, other companies have created services that will make the situation today easier for many. 

Mack has established online shopping of mineral water, beer and cider with delivery the day after your order is put in. You can go to their online shop here

Eide Handel offers delivery from their shop, and all you have to do is to send them a shopping list at [email protected] or call +47 909 27 822. The food is payed with Vipps. 

Within the city centre, Tromsø taxi will do food pick-ups and pick up medicine that they deliver to your door for 200 NOK. For deliveries outside the city centre you will have to pay regular prices.