Various items from the shop
Polaria seen from the outside
Hats sold at Polaria Shop
Jewellery with mountain design
Various  local articles from the shop
Pink woolen socks
products from Røros Tweed
One t-shirt with a whale print and one with a seal print

Polaria Shop

Meet the Arctic in Polaria’s unique gift shop. Focusing on local, short-travelled and useful products, we offer a wide selection of exciting gifts that are hard to find in other stores.
We want our products to reflect what Polaria represents. That is why we every day focus on taking environmentally conscious choices when choosing our suppliers. Explore local food and spices, world famous Scandinavian design, traditional Sami handcraft, Norwegian jewelry, educational books, warm woolen clothes and more. With our wide selection we want you to be left with the feeling of having bought a quality product that is made to last and useful when you return home. Big or small, local or tourist - in our gift shop you are guaranteed to find a unique gift you and your loved ones will appreciate.

The gift shop does not require an entrance fee and we are open every day, all year around. Welcome to an Arctic experience!
Address: Hjalmar Johansens gate 12, 9007 Tromsø