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Presis Tapas

At Presis Tapas the focus is on casual dining, big flavors and easy service. The interior is as relaxed as the staff, there are even some swings in place of seats which adds to the laid-back atmosphere. But when it comes to the kitchen everything’s taken seriously. It serves a fusion of traditional Spanish tapas and northern Norwegian ingredients, think cured reindeer, King crab and klippfisk (Tradional Norwegian salted cod). Presis is just the place you want to visit after a day of exploring.
The herculean feeling of taste can sometimes be too much… so enormous that one will have to have a little piece of everything. Presis Tapas is not traditional Spanish tapas alone…we do tapas dishes inspired by the world at large with a northern Norwegian perspective. Although raw materials from distant map coordinates are given priority when needed, we greatly value being on a first name basis with our local suppliers. Tromsø is a trade center that is truly unique in that we have immediate access to fresh fish, shellfish, vegetables as well as the traditional northern fare such as whale and reindeer, moose and Lamb…all of which have plenty of room to roam freely…at Precise one can daydream, laugh and be seduced.
Address: Storgata 36, 9008 Tromsø