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Private Fjord / Midnightsun Tour - AuroraPhotoGuide


We will drive through beautiful scenery around the city of Tromsø. This tour is a real scenic experience during the daytime or in the evening with the Midnight Sun glow. You can walk on coral beaches, the view is the North Sea where the next stop is the North Pole.
On a private fjord tour, you have the opportunity to choose what you wish to see and experience .
The choices are many in the fjords outside of Tromsø city.
Here is a short list of what you can choose:
1. Håkøya, where the battleship Tirpitz was bombed and sunk . There are still visible remains at low tide.
2. Petroglyphs at Skarberget, near Rystraumen.
3. Hella and Rystraumen, a maelstrom, wich can reach a speed of 8 knots.
You will also find old houses from Tromsø city center at Hella.
4. Tove`s Glass Art. https://www.tovesglasskunst.com
5. Coral beaches at Sommarøy.
6. It is possible to have lunch at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel.
7. Just a tour through the scenic landscape, with mountains, fjords and the North sea.

We make stops during the tour so you can capture the amazing scenery with your camera.
You may be lucky to spot reindeer, moose, osprey or other seabirds during the tour.In the evening The evening tours has focus on the midnight Sun.
We will find the best spot to enjoy the sun at midnight.

Included: Guide, Transport, tripod, hot drinks,biscuits, thermal suit and boots.
Duration: 4-5 timer
Number of participants: 1-6
Level og difficulty: Easy
Address: Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø
Phone: +47900 18 900