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Private fjord tour with Arctic Truck


This tour is conducted by Greenlander. We offer private fjord tours. It will be just you and your closest on this tour. Our adventurous Land Rover will get you away from crowd tourism.
Depending on the season, we have plenty of wildlife - whales, seals, porpoises, reindeers and other wild land and sea animals. Stunning landscape and fjords!

Your guide has good knowledge about the area and will share her passion for animals and nature with you. Our Day tours are focused to show you as much wildlife and beauty of the fjords as possible.

Departure time and place:
Daytime: 10am (10:00) from your hotel/homestay at Tromsø island.
Evening (only available from June 1st - July 21st): 9pm (21:00) from your hotel/homestay at Tromsø island.
For different departure time, please contact us.
Duration:5 hours.
Number of participants: 1-8
Level of difficulty: Easy
Phone: 401 91 636