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Small and beautiful – highlights of the world’s northernmost botanic garden – Tromsø Museum

Tromsø University Museum

The rocky grounds of the world’s northernmost botanic garden in Tromsø are home to a great collection of flowering plants, such as saxifrages, primulas and gentians.
Collected from alpine areas of all continents, these species are among the toughest survivors on the planet. Join us for a guided tour of the garden as well as the adjoining birch wood, a typical forest type for these latitudes. Our skilled guides tell of the ecology and origin of the species flowering at the time of your visit, and present fascinating stories behind some of the plants, like the exotic Tibetan blue poppy or the yellow bluebell. You will also get a taste of the Arctic – wild berries and herbs served in the garden.

Meeting time and place: 2pm (14:00) at the house in the Botanical Garden
Included: Guide, berries, Angelica, dried reindeer heart, caraway infusion and a booklet about story plants
Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of participants: 2-14