Host Bente in her kitchen
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We offer guided walks in Tromsø, and have specialised in showing tourists authentic Tromsø neighbourhoods followed by a visit to a typical Norwegian home. Our, guide, Bente Bjørnflaten, lives in Tromsø where she is born and raised. She previously worked as a language teacher for many years, but now she uses her in-depth knowledge of the area to give tourists a unique and highly memorable experience of how it is to live in an arctic city.  The walk takes place in her own neighbourhood which is located in the centre of the island of Tromsø. The tourists will learn how the people of Tromsø organise themselves for the long winter, and how they cope with the darkness. They will also hear about the day-to-day life and the great love to the outdoors that the inhabitans share. They will also get to see the beautiful lake «Prestvannet» and the skiing og biking trail that goes across most of the island. The walk ends at Bente’s cosy home where they will get to experience a typical Norwegian home and have a light meal consisting of traditional waffles and a nice hot drink.