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Take a Summer Walk on the Wild Side – Small-group summer hiking activity

Wandering Owl

Small-group all-inclusive summer hiking activity in the Tromsø area. Explore northern Norway's wilderness during the endless arctic summer.
Wilderness is just around the corner! Take a closer look at Norwegian summer landscapes as you hike through the arctic wilderness. This hiking activity brings travellers into the summer landscape. Experience the best heart-stopping views of Norwegian fjords, valleys and mountains. During your hike activity through the northern Norwegian landscape we'll find the best place to enjoy your home-made meal. Relax and keep a look out for reindeer, eagles, ptarmigans, hares and other wildlife. Don't forget to look down at the ground where you'll be able to see seasonal berries growing in the wild. This summer hiking activity is the best way to explore northern Norway. After enjoying a hot chocolate we'll bring you comfortably back to Tromsø city centre.

This tour includes walking in the nature and the participants need to wear appropriate shoes for this (for example trainers or hiking boots). The physical condition of the participant varies and we adjust the level of difficulty to each group so that nobody is left behind. The goal is that everybody will enjoy the hiking and have fun!

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (other days on request)

Included: Guide, transfer, backpack, homemade sandwich, cookies & drinks, sitting pad, binoculars, tripod, pictures from the tour, drop-off at your hotell in Tromsø (on Tromsø island).
Duration: 4-5 hours
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficultu: Easy
Departure time and place: at 1pm (13:00) in front of Scandic Ishavshotel