To personer i kajakker i vinter landskap
To yurter i vinterlandskap ved havet
Mann og kvinne går på ski i vinterlandskap
Mann og kvinne ser på nordlyset over havet

Three days Arctic Camp with kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing

Elements Arctic Camp

This tour is conducted by Elements Arctic Camp. Experience a spectacular Arctic Archipelago from our secluded camp on Rebbenesøya. Stay in a yurt, enjoy local food, experience the arctic winter with its special light, and try skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking.
This is a lovely place for getting close to the nature and experiencing – calmness, silence a lot of weather and the different color games and peculiarities of an arctic winter. The camp is without road access and electricity, and a perfect place for star gazing and experiencing the magical northern lights. The camp is located by a landscaping area with several nature reserves and you will learn about Arctic wildlife and coastal life.
Wintertime can provide all kinds of weather and can change quickly, so we plan the days accordingly, as well as according to your experience and your wishes. The area offers fantastic trips both on land and at sea and you will be able to go on both evening and daytime trips. By kayaking you will get close to nature in a fantastic way and kayaking in the darkness will give you a special experience. If you are lucky you might experience the magical Northern Lights. It is possible to get close to both sea eagles, otters, seals and various sea birds and in the crystal-clear water you can also study the marine life under your kayak. In addition to paddling right outside your yurt you can also go skiing and snowshoeing, if it is snow. To hear and feel the crackling of snow beneath your legs and sliding along the snow is a fun and nice experience. Cozy time around a bonfire is an important part of the trip.

The trip to the camp is an experience in itself with a 90-minute scenic drive from Tromsø, along fjords and over a mountain range, 10 minutes ferry ride and 15 minutes walking or snowshoeing to the camp.

Practical information:
The yurt has its own kitchen, and ready-made and comfortable beds. In the associated boathouse we have a bio toilet. The yurt is heated with firewood and kerosene, and we use rainwater or collect water from a nearby stream. We offer local food and the meals are prepared by you and the guide. We will pick you up in Tromsø or the surrounding area by appointment. No experience is required, but you must be in good physical shape. It is important that you are properly dressed in winter. If necessary, it is possible to rent clothes in Tromsø.

Look forward to an unforgettable trip!
You are welcome to take contact directly and please contact us if you are a family or more than 4 people. In addition to winter trips, we also offer summer trips. We are happy to help you choose the best season or month to visit us.

Including: Accommodation, transport, all food (dinner, breakfast, lunch, tee/coffe, different snacks as chocolate, lefse, nuts, pastry), guide, all necessary kayak equipment, single kayaks. Spikes, snowshoes, cross-country ski equipment, thermal suits. Tripod and photos from the trip. Alcohol is not included.
Please bring: Winter jacket, winter pants, warm highshafted winterboots. Two layers of clothing to wear underneath the dry suit, clothes for changing, warm mittens and a warm hat. Please pack your things in a backpack.
Number of participants: 1-4
Duration: 53 hours, day 1 start 1pm (13:00)
Level of difficulty: Medium, no kayak experience is needed but you need to be in god physical shape
Departure time and place: Tromsø center or nearby, by arrangement, 1pm (13:00)
Address: Bromnes Vargsundet, 9140 Rebbenes
Phone: +4790789699