The Arctic Capital

Vegard Stien
Dronebilde of Tromsøbrua

Tromsø is not only a popular travel destination, but home to about 76 000 people (numbers from 2019) from all around the world. The Arctic Capital has Northern Norway’s biggest research- and educational institution, drawing people from near and far to study and work. 

The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway is the 3rd largest University in Norway. In 2019 the number of students is 15 500 and 3000 employees. About 10% are international students. The school is focusing on activities like auroral light research, space science, fishery science, biotechnology, linguistics, multicultural societies, Sami culture, as well as a wide spectrum of Arctic research projects. The University also work with a broad range of subjects not limited to Arctic studies. 

It’s not just the University drawing people to settle in the North. The close vicinity of the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and the Polar Environmental Centre gives Tromsø added weight and importance as a international centre for Arctic research. Among the biggest work places and institutions you also find the University Hospital of North Norway, The Norwegian Seafood Council and the Bank of Northern Norway. 

The city is a pulsating small metropolis, all year exotic, intimate and full of adventure and northern charm. Here you’ll meet loud, humorous and well educated locals that are more than happy to welcome you.