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Tromvik Lodge

Tromvik Lodge was built in 2011 and is held in classical modern Scandinavian style with wooden floors, white wooden walls and white ceiling. Large panorama windows give a 270 degrees view to the ocean in the north and a spectacular alpine landscape with peaks reaching 3000 feet and more in the west and south.
Tromvik is small and pittoresque fishing and farming village located on the North-Norwegian coast at approximately 70 degrees northern latitude. This is the same latitude as mid Greenland, blessing the place with Arctic light, while the mild Atlantic current running along the Norwegian coast gives a temperate climate. The North Norwegian coast is the only place in the world where this unique combination can be enjoyed. Human settlements have a history dating back several thousand years in this area, and Tromvik is one of the many small communities were traditional fisheries and agriculture persists.

Reindeer can be seen grazing around the house and eagles flying over are a common sight. The villa is well spaced out from neighbors and is a place where you can enjoy silence and proximity to untouched nature.

The villa has 3-4 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 persons. Modern kitchen and a large bathroom with build in sauna with an ocean view and an extra bathroom with handicap facilities. The ground floor is 120 sq.m.(1300 sq. ft). A loft-room adds approximately 40 m2 (430 sq.ft) to this.

The surrounding nature offers possibilities for a variety of adventures, depending on seasons. The northern light can be seen in fall, winter and spring. The spectacular blue dusk light, lasting for hours can be seen when the sun is below the horizon from late November to late January.

Summer blesses us with midnight sun, lasting from late May to late July. The surrounding mountains are ideal for hiking in summer and skiing in winter and spring, where great ocean views can be enjoyed from the pists. Rock climbing is also possible, mostly on granite rocks. A small boat can be rented for fishing and trips to nearby island and islets. It is also possible to book larger fishing vessel for halibut and other offshore fishing. There are good opportunties for trout and salmon fishing in the nearby lake and stream.
Address: Tromtindveien 132, 9107 Tromsø