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Yggdrasiltunet farmhotel

Yggdrasiltunet - Is a privately owned farm hotel which is idyllically situated on the island of Kvaløya, 45 minutes from the centre of Tromsø.
The hotel benefits from a stunning location and is surrounded on all sides by beautiful north Norwegian wilderness.

The location is perfect if you want to observe the northern light because here is no kind of light pollution.

This is a place where you can allow your soul be at peace, that is harmonious to the eye, where you can find pleasure for your taste buds, and form an overall sense of wellbeing.

Yggdrasiltunet is located on Bakkejord, in a pearl of beautiful nature, and is a unique setting for holidays and recreation.

At the hotel you can have beautiful nature experiences in the mountains in all seasons,

fjord sightseeing by car, boat trips with guide, whale safari by boat or car and wellness in our sauna, hot tub or jaccucci.

In the yard there are horses, sheep, rabbits, goats and hens., and the farm is especially pleasant because of all the animals that create a very special atmosphere.

We serve traditional food, but we are pleased to offer tasty vegetarian food and raw food. We meet you with presence, serve you organic food and do our best to ensure a memorable stay.

The place is perfect for the family, a small group or friends.

You are most welcome
Address: Leirstrandveien 1557, STRAUMSBUKTA
Phone: +4791564264