Sami exhibition at Tromsø Museum
©June Aasheim

Sami history

Recommended places and activities for groups interested in Sami history and culture:
  • The Arctic University Museum of Norway: – A fantastic museum with several sections dedicated to Sami history and culture. Feel free to contact the museum and ask for a tour with a focus on the Sami people.
  • Visit the Centre for Sami Studies at the Arctic University of Norway: The University of Tromsø offers a 2-year master’s programme in Indigenous Studies and its research department is active on Sami-related topics. Please contact the Centre for Sami Studies in advance to request a visit. 
Visit one of the activity providers that offers Sami experiences:
  • Tromsø Lapland is run by Per Stian Sara who has many years’ direct experience in working with Sami culture and history. It is worth contacting him to hear about how he conveys Sami history and culture to visitors.
  • Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience is run by Johan Isak Oskal. Their camp is just 30 minutes from Tromsø city centre and has about 100 reindeer in winter. Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience was established a few years ago and they have had many guests since.