Man looking at the northern lights

Northern lights tourism guidelines

From late August to early April, it is possible to experience the extraordinary phenomenon of the northern lights here in the Tromsø region. Northern lights tourism has increased dramatically in recent years, and it is extremely important that our guests conduct themselves correctly whilst out in our fragile nature. This is for both your own safety, the safety of others around you, and the sustainability of our beautiful destination. Below are some guidelines to keep everyone safe and happy!

Please do

  • Always use a registered guide company. We always recommend a tour supplied through Visit Tromsø, as we know our suppliers, we check their documentation and they are Norwegian companies, meaning that they contribute positively to the Norwegian economy.
  • Listen to your guide. They will give you good practical and safety advice
  • Wear reflective clothing whilst out on tour. Your tour guide should provide them for you, but always check, and never wander out into the road – there could be a car right around the corner
  • Respect local people. Please do not wander into gardens and other private areas
  • Give way to local traffic. If you are in a hire car, please be considerate of where you stop, and let other traffic through. It can be frustrating and dangerous when following cars that are driving slowly, or finding a car stopped on a blind bend!
  • Respect resting places. If you or your tour stop in a resting space, please be aware of other users. Due to the logistics in Northern Norway, we often have lorry drivers using these spaces for legally required rest hours. Please respect their quiet time.
  • If you have a hire car, please be careful on the roads. Drive according to the road conditions, keep a low speed and be aware of local traffic, people and animals, especially reindeer and elk.

Please don't

  • Do not walk in the middle of the road! Our roads are dark and twisting, with local people using the roads regularly.
  • Do not light fires next to other traffic, and never in resting places or roadside parking lots. This can be extremely dangerous. If you must light a fire, please consider using a fire pan, so not to leave a “fire footprint” for others. Also, please keep at least 10 metres distance between the fire and any other vehicles. When you leave the area, there must be no remains of wood, ash or other traces of the bonfire.
  • Please do not trespass onto private land. Our local people deserve their privacy, so please watch where you are walking and avoid crossing into gardens and other private areas.
  • Please do not drop litter. Take all litter home with you, no matter how small; from cigarette ends to cups and crisp packets.


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