Views over the bridge and Sommarøy Island
©Gøran Mikkelsen

Magical Kvaløya and Sommarøy

Kvaløya and Sommarøy is only a 10 minute – 1 hour drive away from Tromsø. Driving through these islands you will be rewarded with the view of majestic mountains and crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. Kvaløya’s tall mountains and extreme peaks protects Tromsø from the Atlantic Ocean. A drive, or even a bike ride around the island, will take you to everything from old rock carvings to white sand beaches and tall peaks. A small, but vibrant coastal community has grown in the ocean gap, and in Sommarøy traditions are still being kept alive. The people of the island are always up for fun activities, both during summer and winter.

Water activities

Kayak along the coast or go on adventurous RiB-tours either during summer in the Midnight Sun or during winter, experiencing the Northern Lights from the water. Both Sommaroy Arctic Hotel and Yggdrasiltunet farmhotel offers, for example, diving opportunities and boatrides in summer and whale- and sea safaris during winter.


During summer there’s nothing better than bringing your bathing suit and relax on the white sand beaches around the islands. The beaches in Grøtfjord, Sandvika and Otervika are especially nice, to mention a few. If the weather’s a bit more chilly, there’s opportunities of renting saunas and jacuzzies (with a view) on Sommaroy. Yggdrasiltunet farmhotel in Kvaløya has a variety of farm animals like Icelandic horses, sheep, goats, chickens and bunnies. Here's also a café and restaurant serving homemade, local food. The scenic area around the hotel offers many hiking opportunities, as well as saunas and hot tubs. Relax and play with the over 300 Alaskan huskies at Villmarkssenterets Husky Café, while enjoying a cup of coffee and waffles. 


Kvaløya and Sommarøy has a rich culture life, both new and from the older days. One of the oldest lighthouses in Northern Norway, Hekkingen Fyr, can be reached from Sommaroy, only a 15 min boat ride away. Enjoy the rich birdlife and exotic Northern Norwegian nature. The battleship Tirpitz was attacked next to Håkøya in 1944, and in Skavberg you can see rock carvings from 2500-5000 years back. In recent years, Bryggejentene has established in Ersfjorden. Enjoy a hot cinnamon bun and coffee with views of the fjord and steep mountains. Also worth a visit is Profil Glassdesign located in an old school that has been completely renovated. Here they have a workshop, studio and café.


  • Kvaløya is the 5th largest island in Norway and lies right over the bridge from Tromsø airport
  • Around 10 000 people live on the island (numbers from 2015)
  • Kvaløya is a popular area to live in for the people in Tromsø. It has many mountains and great outdoor activity-possibilities, as well as being close to the city.
  • Sommarøy had 319 inhabitans per January 2018
  • The name comes from it being used only during summer in the old days
  • The islands main industry is fishing
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