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Just a short hour drive south of Tromsø, you will hit the deep woods and  mountains of Målselv. Here you’ll get a full wildlife experience and scenic  nature both summer and winter. Målselv has excellent hiking opportunities in easier terrain through the forest, or up steeper mountain tops, well fitted for both families and more extreme hikers. Go fishing in rivers and waters, and get to know Northern Norwegian and Sami culture up close and personal. With narrow rivers and open mountain plateaus, Målselv has the typical Northern Norwegian inland landscape. Cold or warm, a visit to the most northern indoor swimming pool, Polarbadet is worth a trip. During winter there’s a selection of activities to participate in such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, moose safaris or reindeer sledding. 



Målselvfossen might be the best place to fish for salmon in Norway, and has been popular for decades of time. The scenery around Målselva is spectacular during summer with deep forests surrounding it. Keep in mind that a fishing card is needed in order to be allowed to fish in the river. Målselvfossen can also be visited and enjoyed even if you are not going to be fishing. 


Dividalen National Park is located close to the Swedish border and preserves little disturbed inland valleys and mountain areas. You might even get a glimpse of it’s wild animals. If you want to be ensured seeing arctic animals, Polar Park located in Bardu, is perfect to visit with family and friends. Spend the day in wild surroundings watching wolfs being fed and bears playing alongside. Polar Zoo hosts activities like zip lining and bouldering, as well as being home for the wild animals.


Målselv fjellandsby (mountain village) is open both summer and winter, with good hiking and skiing opportunities. You have the option of renting cabins or apartments and stay for several days, or even just spend one day cross-country or downhill skiing. The panorama view of the Målselv valley is almost worth the visit itself. 


  • Målselv is a lively municipality and had its first inhabitans in 1788. A lot of people came from Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen
  • 6672 people live in Målselv (numbers from 2nd quarter of 2019)
  • It consists of large forest- and mountain areas
  • You can fly from Oslo to Bardufoss airport 

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