Fjelltur i Målselv


In the vicinity of Tromsø you will find Målselv. This beautiful destination offers untouched wilderness and great nature experiences, all year round.

General information

The municipality of Målselv is barely an hour’s drive south of Tromsø. With deep forests, untouched wilderness and high mountains, Målselv offers a range of experiences year-round. You can enjoy excellent freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes, a wide range of summit hikes and ski touring, an alpine resort suitable for everyone and fascinating insights into north Norwegian and Sami culture. The narrow river gorges and wide expanses in Målselv offer the typical north Norwegian inland landscape. Take part in activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, moose safaris and reindeer feeding.


Målselvfossen waterfall is one of the best places in Norway for salmon fishing and has been popular for centuries. The spectacular landscape can easily take your breath away. It’s worth noting that you require a fishing licence to fish in the river. However, you don’t need a licence to visit the beautiful waterfall or walk on one of the scenic hiking paths along the riverbank. In the summertime, the river is like an outdoor “water park”, so remember to bring your swimwear.

Nature and wildlife

Øvre Dividal National Park is situated in inland Målselv and stretches all the way to the Swedish border. Pristine plains and beautiful mountains enable you to experience the Norwegian fauna and, if you are lucky, you will encounter wild animals such as elk (aka moose) and reindeer grazing among the magnificent landscape formations.


The mountain village Målselv Fjellandsby is open summer and winter. In winter, you can enjoy great skiing, while in summer there are wonderful opportunities for hiking. If you want to stay for several days, accommodation is offered in a range of cabins and apartments. The slalom slopes are open in winter and it’s possible to rent all necessary gear on site. The panoramic view of the Målselv valley alone is worth the trip up to the mountain village.

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