What's your next adventure?

The tale fin of a whale with Brim Explorer in the background

Silent Whale Watching

Join our guided whale watching tour on our purpose built sightseeing ship with hybrid electric engine and see orcas and humpbacks in Silence. 

The seal Bella at Polaria in Tromsø


Polaria is the perfect place to experience and understand life in the Arctic. Here you will get a close encounter with seals and other species found in the region. Join in on our daily training and feeding sessions of the seals, experience our Panoramic Theatre, and learn more about climate change and challenges in our exhibitions. 

Eat & Drink

Tromsø has an exciting food and drink scene. Check out our lists of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and find your next destination.

Admiring the northern lights at SamiCamp

Hunting for the northern lights with SamiCamp

Be enchanted by Sami Storytelling, food and joik while waiting for the magical northern lights.