Going for a walk in Telegrafbukta, Tromso

Where to find public toilets in the Tromsø region

Keeping Tromsø clean and inviting is a shared responsibility. By using public toilets and not leaving rubbish in nature, we respect the environment and each other.

Regardless of whether you are in downtown Tromsø or exploring scenic areas in the wider region, you will find public toilets strategically located near popular tourist attractions, in parks and along hiking paths. These facilities are provided so visitors can enjoy their time outdoors without experiencing discomfort.

Here is a list of public toilets in Tromsø municipality (in Norwegian). 

Please note that this list does not include information about toilets provided by others, such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, organisations or businesses.

Can’t find a toilet? 

Unfortunately, the city council is unable to provide toilet facilities everywhere. If you are forced to use nature as a toilet, it’s important to leave as few traces as possible. Choose a discreet place well away from paths and buildings, such as behind a rock or in bushes. Dig a small hole to bury your natural waste and limit the use of toilet paper. Take an extra bag for used toilet paper, so you can take it with you and dispose of it later.

If you have nowhere to bury your waste, you must take everything (yes everything!) with you. This also applies to wet wipes, which must never be left in nature.

Please help us ensure that Tromsø remains a clean and attractive place to visit and live in!