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As a travel agent you can request access to Visit Tromsø's agent booking system and directly book a wide range of products at a discounted price.

Visit Tromsø's agent booking solution (powered by the booking system Citybreak) is simple and easy to use. Go to https://agent.citybreak.com/, enter your agent login details and get live booking access to a wide range of activities, accommodation and event products in Tromsø Region.


Our agent booking system offers the following features:
- Access to live booking and live inventory from a wide range of suppliers (no more back and forth with emails)
- Product information & description
- Direct commission from the booking
- Access to several activity and overnight providers
- Quality-secured products approved by Visit Tromsø, the official destination company for Tromsø region
- Simple invoicing system
- Retain your customer contact and keep your exclusive relationship with them

Request agent login

You need to send a request to [email protected] to get access to Visit Tromsø's agent booking platform.
Once your request is sent, our agent team will send you a partnership agreement and create all the necessary login details for your company. This team will assist you as best as possible with your questions and requests and will be more than happy to share their expert knowledge on the destination and the possibilities it offers.

Who is your guest?

Vegard Stien
Family enjoying themselves at Tromsø Camping

We believe in making every trip better by knowing what type of guests we are inspiring to come, and what experiences they would like to do. As a result, we have arranged our tour recommendations into different travelstyles.

We know that many guests want to visit Norway because of the stunning nature, but it is important to know that there are several ways of enjoying it. Will nature be the frame for memories created with the family, or as they walk the hidden paths in the city; or is it the backdrop for old culture and historic experiences while imaging how it would've looked like in ancient times. Is nature the key-element of why your guest wants to visit us, where they'll be guided through easy, yet breathtaking landscapes, or are they looking to climb the highest mountains? No matter what their reason to come is, we are ready to help you offer the best tours possible.