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Approved by Visit Tromsø

Visit Tromsø-region AS are launching a quality mark for our partners in the first quarter of 2020, and you will be able to see the quality label and stamp with “Approved by Visit Tromsø” logo on cars, in shops and restaurant windows, on clothes and on our partners’ web sites.

Approved by Visit Tromsø

We want our guests to receive a safe and quality experience when they visit the Arctic. Therefore, from January 2020 we are launching the stamp “Approved by Visit Tromsø”. This is a quality stamp to show our guests which suppliers are a part of a serious and organised travel industry in the Tromsø region. 

We live in a world where travellers are more and more concerned with quality. This stamp will assist our guests make the correct choice, and the stamp has specific conditions that our partners need to deliver on. The stamp is only available to partners of Visit Tromsø-region. The Tromsø region hosts a broad spectrum of activities, summer and winter; day and night. Therefore it is important that we as an industry take safety seriously, and deliver high-quality experiences to our guests.

Approved by Visit Tromsø will secure:
•    Quality
•    Professionalism
•    Safety

We are careful in choosing our partners. The means that if you choose one of our partners during your visit to Tromsø, all three points must be satisfied. The quality process when a company joins Visit Tromsø involves several points that companies must document in order to be approved. The Approved by-logo is regognized by The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).  

We wish you a safe and quality experience in our region!