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whale watching RIB tour self transfer

Arctic Explorers

This tour is conducted by Arctic Explorers. The marine biologists historically have never seen so many whales as in the last years around The Arctic county of Troms. The sea sometimes is “boiling” with whales in the clean water around the boat.
This tour starts and ends in Skjervøy, approximately 4 hours drive from Tromsø. Transfer from Tromsø is not included. Join Arctic Explorer's Whale Watching to see the most fascinating animals on our planet with one of the world’s most staggering, breathtaking coastlines as background.

Visit the Kingdom of Whales in the Kingdom of Norway! Our Whale Watching Tours run between early November until late January. We will search for whales in some of our most beautiful fjords, eat good food, and enjoy the great outdoors, while the whales often are swimming right next to us.

We follow all whale-watching guidelines set by scientists. All our skippers have participated in a whale watching course, to learn how to guide this trip on team with the whales.

Small personal groups and all inclusive! You are welcome to join our new RIB boat, where we are looking for these enormous creatures. It will be in a small personal group, which is the way wildlife should be enjoyed.

Included: Guide, baguette, flotation suit, boots, hats, balaclava, mittens, ski goggles, coffee and tea
Please bring: warm clothes to wear under your flotation suit
Note, transfer from Tromsø (approximately 4 hours drive) is not included in this tour

Duration: Around 4 hours (approx. 3 hours onboard the RIB)
Number of participants: 2-24 (maximum 12 persons in each boat)
Level of difficulty: Easy
Departure time and place: 09:30am (09:30) from the marina behind Coop Extra Skjervøy

This trip is conducted by us, or by one of the other quality tour operators we have as partners here, that have identical tours. We will choose the best tour available if we are full
Phone: +47486 02 238