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Arctic Campers - Camper Van Rental

Rent your Mini Camper van from Arctic Campers. Travel Northern Norway simple and comfortable on your own terms. The camper vans can fit two persons and come with a double bed, a fully equipped camping kitchen, mobile WiFi and a Diesel parking heater. You can rent the campers in Tromsø and Lofoten in every season of the year. Perfect for chasing the Northern Lights or going skiing.
Arctic Campers camper vans give you great flexibility to explore Norway. Simple and comfortable traveling on your own terms. Each camper van comes with a double bed, a fully equipped camping kitchen, mobile WiFi, and a Diesel parking heater. You can also choose to rent a 4-wheel drive camper for maximum safety in winter times.

The camper vans of Arctic Campers are Volkswagen Caddy Maxis, which are simple to drive and let you fly under the radar compare to big RVs or motorhomes. Arctic Campers rental stations are in Tromsø and in Lofoten. For an extra fee one-way rentals between those stations are possible.

Chasing the Northern Lights in a camper van is a great solution and give you big chances to see the lights. You can follow easily the clear skies and you are not trapped in the city. Also for skiing Arctic Campers offers a ski rooftop box, which will comforts your travel and you can search for the best powder snow in the area.

Rental price: NOK 1290 per day
Pick-up or delivery at Tromsø airport: NOK 600
Address: Ørneveien 34, 9015 Tromsø
Phone: +47410 17 430