Woman enjoying peace and quiet next to lake in Lyngen
©Vegard Stien
Man cycling around Prestvannet on Tromsø island
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Women enjoying the view over Tromsø from Mount Storsteinen
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Woman kayaking in the sunset
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Couple fishing in the Målselv river
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Bring your hiking shoes to Tromsø this summer

Tromsø and its surroundings offer the ultimate outdoor life in every way. Just outside the city centre nature awaits, and if you want, you could spend your whole holiday outdoors. The Tromsø region offers a variety of outdoor activities where you can meet like-minded people, and knowledgeable guides will gladly share the history of the region. Try something new - or get better at something you've done before. With expert guidance from local guides you will have a memorable experience within a safe environment.

Text: Maria Rossi
Close to nature with 24 hours of daylight

Northern Norway and the Tromsø region has fantastic hiking terrain that is easily accessible and spectacular scenery that you can visit with little preparation. And with 24 hours of daylight between May and July, there is no darkness you need to worry about. You can take the time you need!

A fun and challenging way to get close to nature is by kayaking under the midnight sun. Several of Visit Tromsø’s partners offer kayaking trips around the nearby islands. Departing from Tromsø early in the evening, you get an incredible experience of the midnight sun as the kayak glides calmly through the water with the sun shining - even when the clock says midnight! Surrounded by high mountains, small huts, boathouses and deserted beaches, keep an eye out for the rich wildlife on land and at sea: fish, jellyfish, otters, sea eagles, puffins and dolphins. Along the way we might stop for a barbeque on a sandy beach, and maybe you will get a chance to take a refreshing midnight bath?

You don't have to travel far to explore for days. There are good lodging options available in all price ranges, whether you want to go on a multi-day trip to explore the region, or stay in Tromsø and take day trips from there.

Fun with the four-legged

It is not just the two-legged who thrive in the open air, the city's huskies love to be outside all year round. During winter they are active sled dogs, but in summer they are thrilled to go hiking with you! Going for a walk with a husky gives you a motivational push, you will be overwhelmed with sloppy cuddles during every break, before swiftly being dragged along - we’re almost there! 

Hiking is more than just an outdoor activity, here you get to clear your head and put things in perspective. Hiking gives you the perfect framework to be present in the moment, enjoy nature and recharge your batteries. The guides will tell you about the landscape you are hiking through, about huskies and their history in the Arctic, and about Tromsø. 

Explore Tromsø from the sea

If you are of the kind who likes a bit of speed, action and fun during your holiday, Tromsø has the activity for you! A fast-paced evening tour or photo-safari with a rib boat is a refreshing experience. During a couple of hours you get to explore the beautiful nature around Tromsø and the picturesque islands of Gåsvær, Musvær and Risøya. Hold on to your glasses as the boat speeds through the archipelago, and look for eagles, cormorants, seals, puffins, and the amazing scenery that is always present.

Be prepared

In Norway you’ll find that most people are used to bad weather, and few activities will get cancelled just because of a little fog or rain. The important thing, though, is to dress appropriately! A sunny day with 20 degrees can quickly change when you reach the peak or turn a corner, so always make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. You don’t need the latest in Gore-tex-fashion, but make sure you bring clothes that will keep you warm and dry (wool is excellent!) in case of a weather change. Do yourself a favour - use your hiking boots a few times before you head out on a 3-day adventure. Blisters are never fun, no matter how much the midnight sun is shining. Furthermore, don’t pack your bag too heavy, you have to carry it yourself all the way! 

Enjoy the beautiful nature. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy visiting the Arctic. Enjoy Tromsø!