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Autumn activities for the family

If you are bringing your family on an autumn trip, we hope you visit us in Tromsø. We have loads of fun autumn activities for the whole family, both inside and outside. 

Experience the Northern Lights together before the snow arrives, go dogsledding on wheels, drink hot cocoa in one of our many eateries or outside in nature, and challenge yourself at the Science Centre. We can suggest renting bicycles and go around the Tromsø island with pitstops at the playgrounds in Telegrafbukta and Charlottenlund. If you like being out at sea or you like fishing, you’re always welcome to join our suppliers on boattrips or rent kayaks. Say hi to the cute huskies at Tromsø Villmarkssenter. Maybe you’ll even meet reindeer if you go hiking in the mountains! Remember that the weather in Northern Norway can be quite chilly, so bring warm jackets and wool if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outside. You can read more on how to dress in the Arctic here. 

Even though it might be cold and raining, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do in Tromsø. Visit the the seals and other marine animals at Polaria, swim and play in Tromsøbadet, learn more about the Northern Norwegian culture in Tromsø Museum or at the Polar Museum, or make your own art at the Northern Norway Art Museum. Remember to eat and drink as you go, and have fun!

Welcome to autumn in Tromsø with your family!

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