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Cycling in the Tromsø region

Many wonderful biking excursions are offered in the Tromsø region. You can choose whether you want to use your body as the engine or get traction assistance from a modern e-bike. No matter how your bike is powered, cycling is healthy, sustainable and efficient. It’s a fantastic activity that gives you a sense of freedom, wind in your hair and an opportunity to use every muscle in your body. 

You can either take part in a guided bike ride, where experienced local guides tell you exciting stories along the way, or rent a bike to explore Tromsø and the Tromsø region on your own. 

Powerful nature and fresh air never go out of fashion. You can experience urban Tromsø and the scenic Tromsø region from your bike seat. Organised biking tours are mainly offered in summer and autumn. The temperatures are still comfortable during the autumn and there is rarely ice on the ground. 

In summer, you can ride your bike under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun all night long if you wish. In autumn, you may be lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights dancing overhead as you whiz through the Arctic landscape.  

The landscape in the Tromsø region during autumn is beautifully coloured in shades of red and yellow, often with a sprinkle of snow on the mountains. This forms a unique setting for outdoor activities such as cycling.  

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