Creating a glass

Blåst Glass blowing studio

World's northernmost glass blowing studio located in downtown Tromso. We blow glass with an open door, and visitors are extremely welcome to visit us.

About us

Since we started in 2002 has Blåst Glass Blowing studio become a natural stop for roundtrips in Tromsø. We are open monday to saturday, and producing glass during the weekdays. If you are lucky you can see the artist in action! All the items are made and designed by us in our workshop, 100 % handmade in the traditional way. We have series of glasses that we make throughout the year, and we also make unique tailor-made products for those who want them. Our beautiful glass is traveling all over the world! If you find something nice you want to take home, don't be nervous. We are the best at packing for all kinds of travels.

Feel free to ask us anything, we are happy to help you.

Creating a glass
Glass in the making

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 17.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 16.00


Email: [email protected]
Peder Hansensgate 4, 9008 Tromsø