REAL Field Meal and REAL Turmat is a product line of stews made mainly of fresh Norwegian ingredients.
About: Nutritious food for any occasion. We offer a wide range of freeze dried meals. Taste like "homemade". Add hot in to the bag, and get a ready meal in 5 minutes!

Description: REAL Turmat is mainly prepared by Norwegian fresh ingredients that are carefully processed in a proprietary drying process. This maintains the natural taste, aroma, appearance and nutritional value.

Choose between 1 breakfast, 3 soups and 15 dinners.  You will find REAL Turmat meals in mostly sports - and outdoor stores around Europe.

Info: Open the bag on top. Add hot water, as indicated on the back of the bag. Stir well, seal the bag with bag lock and wait at least five minutes. Add more water if you want a thinner consistency. The food keeps best in the heat if you eat directly from the bag.

We do not use any food additives in our proprietary freeze dried meals.
Address: Postboks 5736, 9287 Tromsø