Full Steam Museum - Worlds Northernmost Coastal Museum

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150 NOK

per adult

Explore the Northernmost Coastal Museum: A Journey Through Arctic Heritage.

General information

Understand the history of the Sea Sami culture and the maritime heritage of Arctic seamanship and fishing. Embark on a journey through time and place in the world's northernmost coastal museum, located in the heart of downtown Tromsø in the historic Full Steam pier.

Your experience:

Sea Sami exhibition - 3rd floor:

Enter the unique world of the Sea Sami people. Explore their culture, traditions and heritage through engaging exhibits and immersive stories. Gain a deeper understanding of their deep connection to the ocean and the Arctic environment. As you wander through this captivating exhibition, take some time to immerse yourself in our Northern Lights exhibition, here you can admire the stunning photographs of the Aurora Borealis captured by renowned photographers such as Ole Salomonsen, Truls Iversen and Per Ivar Somby. Their exceptional talent has allowed them to freeze time in the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights painting the heavenly canvas with vibrant colors and ethereal patterns. Don't miss this opportunity to experience this inspiring Northern Lights exhibition together with the Sea Sami cultural experience.

Seamen's Exhibition - 4th floor:

Continue to the third floor and embark on a journey through the maritime history of sailors who braved the northern waters. Admire exhibitions about historic vessels, maritime artefacts and unique exhibits that bring the polar maritime history to life.

Fantastic surroundings: Be inspired when exploring the museum, you will find us centrally located in Tromsø city center as the setting for our historic building. Learn and understand the importance of unique ecosystems and wildlife that lie just outside the city, and which are still the livelihood of people living in the region, this creates a unique dimension to your museum experience.

Convenient Access to Full Steam Amenities: Our museum offers seamless access to Full Steam Tromsø's amenities, including our cozy seafood restaurant. After your journey through time and history, you can relax and enjoy dishes inspired by Arctic and Northern Norwegian culture and local ingredients.

Book your museum adventure:

Dive into the rich history and culture of the Arctic way of life at the world's northernmost coastal museum. Book your tickets today and immerse yourself in the unique stories of the Sea Sami people and the fearless seafarers and fishermen who lived these northern waters with Tromsø as "The Arctic Gateway.".

Highlights of your museum experience:

  • Large collection of unique artifacts: Engage in our exhibitions of unique objects from Sea Sami culture, northern Norwegian fishing and Arctic shipping that bring to life the polar history collected by local enthusiasts.
  • Unique Northern Lights exhibition: Get inspired by how photographers Ole Salomonsen, Truls Iversen and Per Ivar Somby have captured the magical dance of the Northern Lights and captured the moment for the enjoyment of our guests.
  • Availability: The world's northernmost coastal museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 throughout the year, welcoming both individuals and groups of up to 50 participants. We are centrally located in the harbor of Tromsø city center in a historic and traditional building that creates an authentic setting for your visit. 
  • Book your museum adventure: Join us on a journey into the rich Arctic history and cultural heritage with "The Arctic Gateway" as the main site in the world's northernmost coastal museum. Book your tickets today and experience the unique cultural heritage of the Sea Sami people and understand the way of life of the fearless sailors, hunters and fishermen who lived by the wild and beautiful Arctic nature. 
  • Visit our seafood restaurant and experience the taste of the Arctic in authentic surroundings, our dishes are inspired by the history, cultural heritage and local ingredients that has been a part of the region's livelihood since the beginning of time.

Included: 3 floors with sea sami, northern light and seafarer exhibitions

Number of participants:1 - 800 (groups up to 50)

Level of difficulty: Easy 

Departure time and place: Open every day between 10:00 PM – 06:00 AM (10:00-18:00), Søndre Tollbodgate 3 (Tromsø)

Prices from

150 NOK per adult

- Adult 150.- NOK

- Baby 0-3 years old 0.- NOK

- Children 4-12 years old 80.- NOK

- Teenager 13-17 years old 80.- NOK

- Student 125.- NOK

- Senior 125.- NOK


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About Full Steam Tromsø

Full Steam restaurant was established in 2018 and is located at Bangsundbrygga in Tromsø.

Bangsundbrygga was built in 1902 as a fish factory. The building is well maintained and fits in well with what the Full Steam restaurant has to offer - story telling about the older fishing history in the Troms region as well as food based on local ingredients from the sea.

Book a table for small or large groups, festivities or events. In total, you can have a group with an à la carte menu that seats up to 120 people or a conference for 100 people. You can also book a guided tour in our museum where you can look, taste, smell and listen to this interesting history.

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