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Malangen Resort

Malangen Resort offers accommodation in a choice of hotel rooms, apartments, sea-view cabins, deluxe sea-view cabins and deluxe waterfront cabins.
All offer a high standard of quality and comfort and spectacular views. More than half is located right down on the coastal rocks, just meters from the fjord. In total, the Resort has 360 beds divided in accommodation suitable for any demand.

During the winter season, you can join our knowledgeable guides for unique winter adventures such as snowmobiling, dogsledding, snowshoeing and Northern Light Watch.

We offer direct transfers between downtown Tromsø and/or Tromsø Airport and Malangen Resort twice daily in each direction.

This scenic trip takes around 75 minutes and provides an excellent start to your Malangen adventure.
Address: Malangen Resort, Skutvik, 9055 Meistervik