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CBIS 3130958
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MB Havcruise (12 pers.)

MB Havcruise takes you along Northern Norway's beautiful coastline and gives you many wonderful experiences at sea.
The boat is an aluminum catamaran 14.99 mx 7 m built for tourism in May 2001. It has a passenger certificate for 12 passengers and a crew of 4.

There is cabin space for 10 guests and a crew of 4 and the opportunities for 12 guests on board with the use of the lounge.

All our passengers are very well insured on board and the security is very well taken care of!

The boat is particularly well suited for sea fishing, but we do also reccommend fishing trips, sightseeing trips, Northern Lights tours, fjord cruises and more.
Address: Holmeveien 15, Sørvær, 9595 Hasvik