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Midnight Sun Marathon

Midnight Sun Marathon – A celebration of arctic contrasts

The arctic capital Tromsø is located at 69 degrees north, about 350 km above the arctic circle. Most of the city is situated on a small island surrounded by the sea and beautiful mountains. The arctic light and nature in Northern Norway are filled with strong contrasts that provide intense experiences. During the summer the midnight sun shines and makes you want to stay up all night long. The polar night arrives at the end of November and leaves at the end of January. During this time the contrasts are even more striking. Even though we have a minimum of daylight, there is a colourful display in the horizon. The arctic capital Tromsø is also one of the best places to chase the aurora borealis.

To celebrate the arctic contrasts the organisation MSM arranges a variety of different events throughout the whole year. The year starts with the Polar Night Halfmarathon in January, continue with the Sami week in February and the Arctic Snowshoe Race in March. In June we celebrate one of the longest days in summer by organizing the Midnight Sun Marathon. There we offer five different distances, something to suit all levels. In August we organize the Tromsø Mountain Challenge where you can experience some of the beautiful nature and mountains around the city.

Today MSM is gathering more than 6000 participants from all over the world. The event is not just for runners but also for the local population and volunteers that happily supports the festival. Many of whom gather along the course to cheer the runners on through the streets of Tromsø. They are important part of the race by contributing to the intimate ambience and charm that makes so many participants return year after year.

For more information about our different events visit www.msm.no

When can I book it?

20 jun 2020
Midnight Sun Marathon 20 June 2020 - 09:00