Mystiske Tromsø
Mystiske Tromsø
Mystiske Tromsø
Mystiske Tromsø

Mystical Tromsø

Troll Museum

A unique total experience with a focus on folklore and history from Northern Norway. Combined city tour and museum visit suitable for the whole family.
Mystical Tromsø is a unique total experience - a combination of city walk and museum visit suitable for the whole family. Here we take a real deep dive into the adventurous, mysterious Northern Norway and learn more about both history and superstitions from the northern regions - about Sami folk beliefs, Pomor fairy tales and mysterious creatures. After the city walk, we head to the Troll Museum, where there will be time for a small coffee and tea break before we take a tour of our exhibitions and get to learn more about trolls, jotuns and other creatures from Scandinavian folklore and mythology.

NB! The experience must be booked at least two days in advance!

- Guided city walk
- Entrance to the Troll Museum
- Guided tour at the Troll Museum, coffee/tea
Diffuculty level: Easy
Duration: 2,5 hours
Amount of participants: 2-12
Bring: Clothing according to the weather, good walking shoes.

When can I book it?

21 mar 2023
Mystical Tromsø 21 March 2023 - 15:00
22 mar 2023
Mystical Tromsø 22 March 2023 - 15:00
27 mar 2023
Mystical Tromsø 27 March 2023 - 15:00

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Address: Kaigata 3-5, troll museum, 9008 TROMSØ
Phone: 47940 73 357