Northern lights above Tromsø

Northern lights FAQ's

We have gathered the questions that we get the most about the northern lights. Take a look and see if you can find the answer to your question here. 

When can I see the northern lights?

Organised northern lights tours are bookable from September until early April. The northern lights are visible when the sky is dark enough to provide a backdrop. In our region, a faint aurora can already be seen from the end of August.

Where is the best place to see the northern lights?

Local weather dictates where the least cloud cover will be on any given night. As the earth spins, Tromsø comes under the Northern Lights Oval from approximately 18:00 until 02:00. We recommend going to dark places outside the city such as Prestvannet (marked on our City Map), or on guided northern lights tours out of town. These tours take you away from light pollution and often go in search of the clearest skies. 

How can I choose a northern lights trip as easily as possible when there are so many of them?

When you search for tours on our website, you can easily see what types of northern lights tours we offer. It is important to book a northern lights tour based on your needs and wishes. 
When you click on a product, you can choose the date of your trip. You can compare prices, duration, group size, transport options etc. Narrowing down your search will also make it easier to choose the northern lights trip that best suits your needs.

Should I book northern lights tours before arrival? 

Yes, advance booking of northern lights tours guarantees that the trip you want is available and not fully booked in high season. However, should it be more convenient to wait to check on the weather and other plans you may have, you are welcome to visit us at the Tourist Information so that we can help you book a suitable tour.