Norwegian Easter backpack: Kvikk Lunsj Orange Solo soda Sausages

How to pack your Norwegian Easter backpack

Easter is a great time of the year to get outside and enjoy the nature. The weather is normally relatively warm even though we still have good amounts of snow. This is the perfect combination when you want to go ski touring, snowhoeing or cross-country skiing.

An important part of the Easter trips is the break where we make bonfires, snow castles, enjoy the food, company and hopefully nice weather. The backpack during Easter is normally bigger and heavier than normal. A good tip is to pack the heavy things close to your back and in the bottom so you keep your balance. Here are our advice for a perfect Norwegian Easter backpack so you can be prepared for your adventure and bring all the necessary equipment.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are important to bring when out in nature. They keep your energy level up and are a good motivation on the way and when you reach your destination. In case of accidents or something unfortunately happening, food and drinks can be life saving as well. For Easter we have a few favourite things to bring along:

  • Sausages and bread - make hot dogs over the bonfire.
  • Kvikk Lunsj chocolate - a must on any Easter outings.
  • Orange - the time of the year when oranges taste the best.
  • Hot chocolate in a thermos - to keep warm outside.
  • Solo soda - with the perfect colour for Easter.
  • A bottle of water or two - to stay hydrated.


When you are outside and in activity clothing can be tricky, but it is essential both for your comfort and safety. Read our tips on how to dress in the Arctic here. During the trip you might have to add, remove or change some of your layers to stay warm and not get sick, and it is important to be prepared for changing weather conditions. Here are a few extra pieces of clothing that is nice to have:

  • Woolen/knitted sweater - when you reach the destination of the trip a good advice is to remove sweaty clothings and put on something warm.
  • Extra woolen underwear - to change at your destination and/or before returning home. 
  • Extra mittens or gloves.
  • Extra knit cap.
  • Extra woolen socks.
  • We dress according to a three layer principle so it is easy to adjust our clothes to our need when in activity or during a food break. Extra layers of clothes are always good to bring in your backpack.

Necessary equipment

The perfect Easter trip might mean many hours outside just to enjoy the food, weather and company. This also means that you need to bring some necessary equipement for the best experience.

  • Sun screen lotion - it might not be warm outside, but the sun reflects in the snow and possibilities of getting sun burnt are there.
  • Seat pads - to stay warm and dry when you sit down.
  • Small shovel - to make a snow castle, or maybe just a snow sofa. This can also be used if heavy weather surprises you and you need to make a snow cave for shelter.
  • Bonfire wood.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Knife - always a nice tool to bring in case you need it.
  • A stick you can use to grill your hot dog with over the bonfire - any sports shops sell foldable hot dog sticks.
  • A cup for your hot chocolate in the thermos.

Norwegian outdoors mindset

In Norway we have some expressions to describe how to best enjoy the outdoors, even when the weather is not the best. Because of our geographical location, the weather is unpredictable and constantly changing. A good advice can be to keep these two expressions in mind to keep a positive mood and enjoy your adventure to the fullest, no matter how challenging the weather is.

"Ut på tur aldri sur" - Out on a trip, never sour. 

"Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær" - There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

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