Hundeslede Kvaløya Husky

Kvaløya Husky

In 2019 Tommy established Kvaløya Husky AS, after gathering 20 years of dogsledding experience into one kennel.

About us

Experience coming from living, training and competing with dogs. We have a small kennel with 57 Alaskan Huskies, that loves running, eating and relaxing. The dogs are our family, that we are spending most of our time taking care of and love. Our huskies range from being puppies to senior dogs. All of our mushers know every single one of our dogs, their personality and sound. Everyone from Brille our alpha to our young ones.

Over many years the kennel has trained a full team of racedogs, with the stamina to compete in some of the most challenging dogsledding races in the world, like Finnmarksløpet. Come join dogsledding with true athletes.

Kvaløya Husky is placed in Straumsbukta, just a 45-minute drive from Tromsø centrum. It is the place where Tommy grew up, where he knows every hill, every path and every single tree. Tommy has opened his arm to welcome guests from all over the world to our dogyard, where you can learn all about the care of real polar dogs. You can also join us for dogsledding in the sled of one of our experienced mushers. During the winter we use our self-built sleds that can fit 2 guests plus our musher in the back. When there is no snow we use Troll wagons with wheels, so you can also come visit us in summer and fall - as long as the weather allows us.

For a short while you can leave the city of Tromsø and explore the amazing arctic nature together with us. And we can guarantee that we have some interesting stories from our life here in the arctic center of Norway.

Our activities are perfect whether you want to explore the nature, learn about dog care or have a new experience with your friends and family. 
We live out our dream, that is working alongside our best friends, the dogs.


Kvaløya Husky
Phone: +47 481 65 718
E-mail: [email protected]

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