Skibotn Hotel

Skibotn Hotel

Welcome to Skibotn Hotel!
Here at Skibotn’s only Northern lights base, we are outdoor enthusiasts.

About us

A family run meeting point, where we serve local food, with Sami culture and story telling. Relax with a coffee and cake around a cosy fire, and let us bring the feelings of nature inside. The pure organic surroundings for Sarvvis restaurant, with a stunning panoramic view of Storfjord, and a backdrop of the magnificent Lygsalpen are second to none. You can step right outside and have easy access to the rejuvenating properties of nature whether that is in a winter wonderland, or under the midnight sun, it is truly magical all year round.

Find your adventure here

Sami lady and guest admiring the Northern lights together

Hunting for the Northern lights with the SamiCamp team

Join us for an evening you won't soon forget, here we offer Sami Storytelling, a 3-course dinner and joik while we wait ...

Snowshoe trip

Snowshoe hike in beautiful Skibotn

This tour is conducted by Skibotn Hotel. Join us for a funfilled day snowshoeing in beautiful Skibotn. Together with our...