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Tromsø Activities

We`re a company with a wide acceptance for different personalities and opinions. When running a backpackers hostel it's natural that every culture drops by.

About us

Thus we try to keep an international understanding while keeping our Norwegian colours. This means that we are fluent in “Backpacker”. Our philosophy is that travel should be for everyone. We do not care where you come from, but only that you are minded to take part in our community. The basic features of our travellers are openness, and acceptance. In the winter months, we do all we can to find the auroras, and in the summer months we make use of the midnight sun.

In our premises are 30 beds. The hostel is based on the basic “roof over one's head” need. We provide information which is useful for you travels, and basic shower/kitchen facilities. If you`re travelling and are interested in meeting new people, there is no better alternative than to spend a few nights at the Tromsø Activities Hostel.


Tromsø Activities
Phone: +47 988 99 268
E-mail: [email protected]

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