Kayaking trips in the Tromsø region

Enjoy a close-up encounter with pristine nature and iconic wildlife! The Tromsø region is a paradise for kayaking. 

Be enchanted by the beautiful landscape as you glide through crystal-clear Arctic waters surrounded by mountains and chalk white beaches. Sea kayaking adventures enable you to experience hidden gems among the islands, islets and skerries. 

The history of the kayak is long and fascinating. The Inuit people made the first kayaks more than 4,500 years from whalebone and sealskin. They used them for hunting and fishing. 

In modern times, kayaks are mostly used for sport and recreation. Sea kayaking is a popular hobby for locals in the north. Several activity providers in the Tromsø region offer organised kayaking trips with guides. The tours vary in duration, level and destination, with options available close to the city and in other parts of the region. Previous experience is not usually necessary as experienced guides provide instructions and tips before and during the trip. We strongly recommend going on an organised trip with a guide, who can take care of your safety. 

If you would prefer to rent a kayak and set off on your own, you will require a valid Wet card (Våtkort). It’s important to familiarise yourself with the local conditions. The weather changes rapidly in the north, while the water is cold. Moreover, the wind and ocean currents can make kayaking trips challenging and dangerous.  

However, with safe and favourable conditions, kayaking is one of the most spectacular activities you can do when you visit the Tromsø region. If you are lucky, you will get close to the animals that call Arctic waters home. This may include playful seals, hungry birds of prey or peaceful reindeer grazing by the water’s edge. 

Listen to the Arctic silence, feel the wind in your hair and breathe in the wonderful sea air. Kayaking is great for body and soul!  

We wish you a wonderful trip or, as we say in Norwegian, god tur! 

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