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Senja National Tourist Route

Senja has two coastlines — a green and gentle inner coast, and a grim, exposed outer coast. So why are the most important settlements on the outer coast? Because that's where the best fishing is.
A new destination: Senja's outer coast has been a place of beauty for millions of years — so why haven't we heard of it before? The reason is that, until recently, only a few dead-end roads wound their way over from the inner coast. Now the villages are linked by roads and tunnels, so you can drive along most of outer Senja. In summer, ferries run from Botnhamn to Brensholmen, one hour from Tromsø, and from Gryllefjord to Andenes. Below are a few of the highlights on the trip from Botnhamn in the north to Gryllefjord in the south, today one of the 18 designated National Tourist Routes.