Ski touring in Tromsø, Northern Norway

Ski touring in Tromsø

When you visit Tromsø, the Arctic wilderness is practically on our doorstep. You can quickly and easily get from downtown Tromsø to snow-covered mountain peaks, powder snow and fresh air. This makes the Tromsø region one of Norway’s most popular ski touring destinations.

We recommend going on an organised tour with a local guide. See our ski touring products at the bottom of this article. Several of our partners also offer customised tours on request.

The ski touring season in the Tromsø region lasts from December to May – or maybe even until early June, weather permitting. The days become longer and brighter with the arrival of spring. When the Midnight Sun arrives in late May, you can enjoy endless days of skiing. It’s hard to imagine anything more exotic than that!

Ski touring enthusiasts have no doubt heard of Lyngen and Senja, two of the most beautiful areas for off-piste skiing in all of Europe. However, here in the Tromsø region, we have several lesser-known ski touring destinations just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Check out Kvaløya, Ringvassøya, Malangen and Lakselvbukt, all of which offer unexpected ski touring opportunities!

The island of Kvaløya offers many mountain peaks rising from 600 to 1,000 m above sea level, a sparkling fjord landscape, good snow conditions and beautiful views. You see this large island when you land at Tromsø airport. Kvaløya offers peaks to suit every taste and is a popular destination for summit climbs on foot or skis year-round. Finnlandsfjellet and Rødtind are the closest peaks to the city, while Lille Blåmann, although a bit further away, is a popular favourite for ski touring. 

On Kvaløya’s neighbouring island, Ringvassøya, you can ski through forests and down mountainsides and enjoy spectacular views of the mighty Lyngen Alps in the distance. An easy and uncomplicated summit ski climb offering wonderful views from the top is Gråtinden on the western side of Ringvassøya. More experienced skiers can opt for steeper and more demanding options such as Svartvasstinden, where you will be rewarded with 360° panoramic views from the summit.   

On the Malangen peninsula, about a 90-minute drive from Tromsø, you will find plenty of hidden ski touring gems. This destination, which is mentioned in numerous ski touring books, offers ski touring adventures of various levels to suit most people. When you reach the summits, you can savour views in all directions over the inner Balsfjord and out to the open sea. The idyllic Malangen Resort gladly shares good tips and promotes organised trips with local guides.

About an hour’s drive southeast of Tromsø is Lakselvbukt, which has a spectacular setting at the foot of the Lyngen Alps in the inner part of the Ullsfjord. This mountain massif impresses even the most experienced skiers. The Lakselv peaks are popular ski touring destinations late in the season. The highest mountain, Store Lakselvtind (1,660 m), is an extremely demanding trip with a high level of difficulty. However, there are also easier options such as Flatsteinfjellet (940 m).

Be safe - go ski touring with a local guide

We recommend going on an organised ski touring adventure with a local guide who will take care of your safety. Several of our activity providers arrange such tours where they help you to get safely to good snow conditions and share good stories and local knowledge along the way.

Remember, even good skiers with considerable experience can learn something from local guides. Even though the mountains in the north are beautiful, they are also unpredictable and challenging. The weather changes quickly here and the avalanche risk can be high at times. The county of Troms og Finnmark has the highest avalanche risk in the country and unfortunately accidents occur every year. 

If you nevertheless choose to go ski touring on your own, it’s extremely important to keep updated about the avalanche danger in the area you plan to visit. Talk to locals (who often know about the local conditions) and ensure you take the necessary safety measures before setting off. It’s essential to choose mountains and routes based on the prevailing conditions. The Tourist Information office can provide more details. The website has updated avalanche warnings for the entire region in English.

We also wish to remind you of the importance of having the right equipment and clothing on ski touring adventures. Regardless of how experienced you are, we recommend reading Visit Norway’s article about “Safety for ski tourers”.

Below you will find a list of providers of guided ski touring adventures and courses. In addition to these bookable activities, the following partners offer courses and guided ski touring adventures on request.  

We wish you a wonderful adventure!  

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