Person in a wheelchair feeding reindeer with another person also in the picture
©Tromsø Accessible Tours
Person sitting in a wheelchair with another person close by, phototaken from the cable car with view over Tromsøya and Kvaløya
©Tromsø Accessible Tours
group photo in Stortorget Tromsø
©Tromsø Accessible Tours

Tromsø Accessible Tours

We are Tromsø Accessible Tours, a social enterprise. We promote, design and organize accessible itineraries of adventure tourism in the city of Tromsø throughout the year.

We believe that adventure tourism and extreme sport can be accessible to everybody.
We believe that everybody can enjoy traveling for leisure and go sightseeing in equal opportunities.
We believe that the joy of visiting magical places can be accessible.
When we are asked if an activity is accessible our objective is to always say “yes”.
When an activity is not accessible, our challenge is to tear down the barriers.
Tromsø gives us places and experiences without comparison. It also provides difficult terrain to access them. Our work is to make Tromsø more accessible to all our visitors so that everyone can enjoy the nature that we love so much.
We focus on the needs of persons with disabilities to make sure that all activities in Tromsø are well prepared for their accessibility requirements.
We can help to plan and book all the services needed for a great vacation. We will get in touch with our guests and make sure we understand their individual accessibility needs. By knowing our guests, we will be able to offer the best places to visit, activities, and hotels for them.
Some activities are arranged directly by ourselves and on this we guarantee 100% the accessibility required. We also offer activities by other providers in Tromsø, and on these we will accompany the visitors. If the accessibility of the activity is not perfect because of the nature of the activity, we can help to make it as comfortable as possible.