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Frequently Asked Questions about Tromsø as a meeting destination

Do you have questions about Tromsø as a meeting destination? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. What is Tromsø Convention Bureau?

Tromsø Convention Bureau, a network organised by Visit Tromsø, comprises of hotels in the city centre and wider Tromsø region, DMCs, activity providers and transport and logistics providers. All have a high degree of professionalism and extensive experience in the meeting segment. We pride ourselves on collaborating to give the customers the best possible experiences and to strengthen Tromsø as an international meeting destination.

2. Do I need to pay for information and advice from Tromsø Convention Bureau?

No, if you are considering Tromsø as your destination, you are welcome to contact Tromsø Convention Bureau for free, non-binding advice and assistance. We have local knowledge and, in collaboration with our network, will gladly help you with planning. You will find all the information you need about Tromsø as a meeting destination at

3. Why should I choose Tromsø for my next meeting?

There are many reasons to have your next meeting in Tromsø. People from all over the world come here to experience natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Tromsø offers a unique mix of the urban and the scenic. You will find ultramodern meeting and conference facilities, first-class restaurants and a bustling cultural life. Tromsø is accessible by air, boat and bus, and is one of Norway’s sustainable destinations.

4. What is Tromsø’s combined hotel capacity?

You will find a wide range of accommodation of international standard, from conference hotels and apartments in the city centre to rorbu (fishermen’s cottages), cabins and resorts in the wider Tromsø region. The municipality has a total of 16 hotels with a capacity of approx. 4,500 beds/2,200 rooms. Accommodation is available to suit most budgets. The members of the Tromsø Convention Bureau network collaborate closely to deliver high-quality meeting and conferences.

5. How can you get to Tromsø?

The most common way to travel to Tromsø is by plane but you can also get here by boat or bus. Read more about getting to Tromsø here.

6. Does Tromsø have an international airport?

Yes. Most international flights are via Oslo, but it’s possibly to fly here direct London-Gatwick, Düsseldorf, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Gdansk and Stockholm. There are also more than 10 daily departures from Oslo to Tromsø. The flight time is around 1 hour and 40 minutes. SAS, Widerøe, Norwegian and Flyr offer direct flights to Tromsø from several places in Norway.

7. How can you get between the airport and city centre?

It takes 10-15 minutes to travel between the airport and city centre. You will find the Airport Express Bus and taxis right outside the terminal. Read more here.

8. Which hotels offer conference venues?

Clarion Hotel The Edge, Radisson Blu Tromsø, Scandic Grand, Scandic Ishavshotel, Quality Hotel Saga, Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, Clarion Collection Hotel With, Malangen Resort (situated in Malangen about an hour’s drive from Tromsø) and Sommarøy Arctic Hotel (situated at Sommarøy about an hour’s drive from Tromsø). Click here for a complete overview of the venue capacities.

9. When can I see the Midnight Sun?

The Midnight Sun season in Tromsø is from late May to late July. The locals have a broad smile as they head out fishing to catch their dinner, drink coffee or hike up to mountain summits under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun. Read more about the Midnight Sun here.

10. When can I see the Northern Lights?

There are good chances of seeing the Northern Lights here from early September to late March. Tromsø is situated in the middle of the aurora oval, which means that it’s possible to see the Northern Lights here even if the activity is low. This natural phenomenon is both unpredictable and surprising, with everything from hour-long shows to short performances and from a streak along the horizon to a dance across the sky. Read more about the Northern Lights here.

11. What should I eat in Tromsø?

Tromsø has many good restaurants with something to suit every taste and budget. It’s virtually impossible to give a specific recommendation. Tromsø has a vibrant food culture, and you will find everything from Norwegian dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients to more international flavours Tromsø. It’s often a very short distance from farm to table! To put it simply, Tromsø is a mecca for foodies! Read more here.

12. Which attractions and museums should I visit in Tromsø?

Experience magnificent views from the upper station of the Cable Car and visit the distinctive Arctic Cathedral. There is also a wide range of museums, such as the Science Centre of Northern Norway, the Polar Museum, the Arctic University Museum of Norway and the North Norwegian Art Museum. Explore the history of polar explorers, taste local beer at Mack or experience the seal feeding at Polaria. You will find more information here.

13. What sort of activities can you do in Tromsø?

The Tromsø region is an Eldorado for nature-based experiences. This scenic region offers raw nature and unique wildlife. Regardless of which season you visit, there is a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from. Check out the “Caribbean” beaches and magnificent mountains literally right outside the city centre. There are hundreds of peaks to climb, from easy walks to more demanding hikes. Activities on offer include sea kayaking, fishing, dog sledding, Northern Lights hunting or what about a whale watching safari in the archipelago off Skjervøy? Many of the activity providers will gladly tailor tours for groups.

14. What is the climate like in Tromsø?

Tromsø has a subarctic climate with long winters and short summers. Winters are cold and have heavy snowfall but, owing to warm ocean currents, the temperatures are much milder than elsewhere at similar latitudes. In summer, the Midnight Sun can cause temperatures to reach 30 °C on some days but the July average is considerably lower at 13 °C.

15. How do you get around in the Tromsø region?

The Arctic Route takes you to various arctic destinations in Norway, Sweden and Finland from 1 December - 31 March.

The district buses run to most places in the Tromsø region, departing from Prostneset, the main bus terminal in Tromsø city center. Tickets can be bought on board (cash only), or you can easily download the “Troms Ticket App” and buy a ticket anywhere and anytime. This is the easiest and cheapest way to purchase a ticket.

Bus 420 Tromsø - Hella - Brensholmen - Sommarøy
This route offers a short excursion from Tromsø around the southern part of the island of Kvaløya. Same day return to Sommarøy is possible from Monday to Friday during the summer.

Bus 425 Tromsø - Ersfjordbotn
Ersfjordbotn offers fantastic views of fjords and steep mountains.

Bus 450 Tromsø - Tønsvik - Oldervik
Take this route for clearly marked hiking trails and fantastic views of the sea and the majestic Lyngen Alps.

See timetables and more information here.

Facts about the Tromsø region 

Population: 77,544 (2022) including more than 120 nationalities   

Location: In the Arctic, 69° North  Time zone: GMT+1

Language: Norwegian

Currency: Norwegian kroner (NOK)

Mayor: Gunnar Wilhelmsen (Norwegian Labour Party)

Hotel capacity: 4,500 beds/2,200 rooms

Climate: Subarctic – long winters and short summers

Airport: The international airport, Tromsø Langnes

Why Tromsø? A unique mix of urban and scenic! Ultramodern meeting and conference facilities, first-class restaurants and a bustling cultural life. Easily accessible by air, boat and bus. One of Norway’s sustainable destinations.