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Tromsø Taxi AS

Tromsø Taxi AS is Northern-Norway’s largest taxi station with a total of 123 cars.
We have driven passenger nearly 100 years. The Central Station has one of the country’s newest and best car parks. Of these there are 10 max.itaxies with variable passenger capacity from 9-16 passengers. The maxitaxies also carries out special wheelchair access and has capacity up to three wheelchair users per car.

We offer the following transportation:
• Passenger transport
• Wheelchair transport, up to 3 wheelchairs per. car
• Allergy friendly cars
• Weddings / Company transport
• Sightseeing
• School transport
• Flightcrew transport
• Package transport

Taxifix is a free app where you can easily order a taxi from smartphones. When ordering Maxi Taxi, or a highchair, call us on 03011. It is faster, easier and smarter. You will receive an SMS with a reference when ordering. The service costs NOK. 1 pr. melting.
Send password "Taxifix" to 02323.
For STOP of the service "StopTaxi" to 2077.
Address: Heiloveien 22, 9015 Tromsø