hvalsafari med rib på skjervøy
rib på fjorden
the arctic route bussen under nordlys
hvals under vakker, rosa vinterhimmel med lyngsalpene i bakgrunn

Whale Route Skjervøy

The Arctic Route

This tour is conducted by The Arctic Route. This is a safe, reliable and comfortable way of travelling to new adventures and unforgettable memories in the Arctic region.
This route is operated with new and comfortable coaches with wifi, toilet, hot/cold drinks and snacks available for the passengers. Competent and service-oriented drivers fluent in English. One-way and return tickets available.

Make sure to choose the right departure place and destination.

- Departure from the parking place next to Scandic Ishavshotel
- Departure time: 05:15 am (05:15), be on time!
- Arrival in Skjervøy 09:30 am (09:30)
- Return from Skjervøy 01:30 pm (13:30)
- Back in Tromsø 05:30 pm (17:30)
- We recommend to bring your breakfast for the journey to Skjervøy.
- Capacity in the coach: 1 - 45

When can I book it?

04 oct 2022
Whale Route Skjervøy 04 October 2022
05 oct 2022
Whale Route Skjervøy 05 October 2022
06 oct 2022
Whale Route Skjervøy 06 October 2022

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