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Blue Vision at Kystens Hus – A visitor center for salmon farming. You will gain knowledge about the aquaculture industry through interactive screens and equipment. Blue Vision is owned by Gratanglaks, which farms salmon primarily in Astafjorden and Vågsfjorden.

Fjellheisen cable car – One of Tromsø's most popular attractions. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and its surrounding islands, fjords, mountains and sea. Fjellheisen is a starting point for trips to various mountains in the area, including Fløya and Tromsdalstinden. The restaurant Fjellstua is located on the upper station.

The Science Centre of Northern Norway – A popular science-based experience centre with four main themes on three floors: The Sky Above Us, Climate and Weather, Energy and Environment in the North and Body and Brain. At the Science Centre you will also find Norway's largest planetarium, which shows fantastic Northern Lights films.

The Arctic University Museum of Norway (Tromsø Museum) – A series of exhibitions bring insight into northern Norwegian history and nature. From exciting wildlife and the earth's own history to the stories of Sami culture, Stone Age people and Vikings in the north. The museum also has a rich collection of art from northern Norwegian churches and a section dedicated to the Northern Lights.

The Polar Museum in Tromsø – Exhibits related to the history of Tromsø city and the Arctic, the stories of trappers such as Henry Rudi and Wanny Woldstad, the expeditions of Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen's and Svalbard's cultural history.

Polaria – An Arctic experience centre, one of two places in Europe where you can see bearded seals up-close. Polaria has knowledge-based exhibitions created in collaboration with researchers from The Fram Centre and showcases some of the climate and environmental research that takes place in the polar regions.

Troll Museum - the first museum in Norway dedicated entirely to trolls and fairy tales. A small and cozy venue, based on a combination of handmade art, attention to detail and modern technology. A unique and different museum experience to dip your toes into Norwegian folklore and discover how the idea of trolls has changed over time.

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