Fjord excursion from Tromsø with RIB seen from a bird's perspective

Fjord excursions from Tromsø

The north Norwegian fjords offer visual impressions that last a lifetime. You can set off from Tromsø on a tour by boat or minibus to experience the fjord landscape in one of the world’s best-preserved natural areas.

Norwegians are proud of their fjords, and with good reason. If you ask foreigners what they associate with Norway, many answer “fjords”. The best-known fjords are in Western Norway, but the fjords in Northern Norway, which cut through the Arctic landscape like works of art by Mother Nature, are just as impressive.

Explore by boat, RIB or minibus

The north Norwegian nature is especially impressive from a boat. Besides witnessing beautiful landscapes with mountain peaks, islands and white beaches, you can see small communities and farms where people live in harmony with nature. Some farmsteads are long since abandoned and remain as silent memories of days gone by. 

If you are lucky, you will experience Arctic wildlife such as reindeer, white-tailed sea eagles and various marine animals during the fjord cruise. The Arctic capital Tromsø is also an impressive sight from the sea, appearing like a bright little metropolis among islets and skerries. 

The more adventurous visitors can opt for the high-speed and action-packed variant of a fjord cruise – by rigid inflatable boat (RIB). Feel the wind in your hair and the sea spray in your face as you get a close-up experience of the elements while wearing a warm flotation suit and goggles. 

It’s also possible to experience the north Norwegian fjords by minibus. This option is suitable for everyone. The experienced guides plan many photo stops along the way. Some activity providers even take portraits and landscape photos to share with the group. If you are lucky, you will spot reindeer and white-tailed sea eagles. 

Experience the fjords year-round

Thanks to the warming Gulf Stream, most Norwegian fjords remain ice-free, making them relatively easy to explore all year round. In the summer, you can go on an evening fjord excursion and feel the Midnight Sun shining on your face. In contrast, during the Polar Night, the landscape bathes in a beautiful blue light during the daytime. This blue light, also called twilight, occurs when the sun is below the horizon. Not surprisingly, this time of year is a favourite among photographers.

Did you know?

There are more than 1,000 fjords in Norway, some large and some small, from the Oslofjord in the east to the Varangerfjord in the northeast. Norway’s longest and deepest fjord is the Sognefjord, which is 205 km long.

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